What Would You Chose? Healthy or Tasty?

Foods are cooked, baked, seasoned and processed so they can taste good. Some foods such as meats, poultry, fish and beans must be cooked because they can do some serious harm to your body if not cooked properly. But there are foods that are more nutritious and healthy if consumed raw or lightly cooked. But they could taste awful.

I know a friend who can eat 2-3 Oz. of raw ginger root and up to 20 green chilies in one sitting. A spoonful of turmeric powder in his cup of tea is no big deal. (I have done that myself, though. Tastes terrible). Now I don’t know if that was the reason, but he dropped from 230 pounds to 187 pounds in 2-3 years and has managed to keep that weight off for five years. But he also cut down on sweets and fried foods.

Image by: Whitney Wright on Unplash
Image by: James Sutton on Unsplash

In the younger years, it was so easy to enjoy ice cream, cookies, pizza, fries and burgers with milk shakes and sodas. Not anymore.

Times were different back then, though. Kids, these days, can’t afford to do that because after a quick trip to a fast food restaurant they sit with their phones and computers for hours on end. That is bad.

Highly processed foods are loaded with artificial flavors and preservatives. Sodium and sugar content is very high in most of them. The labeling can be so deceptive. They hide these additives behind the serving sizes.


Serving size: One cookie out of pack of twelve or nine potato chips from a 7 oz bag.


I just laugh when I see that. By the time you have consumed somewhat satisfactory amount, your cookie are all gone and bag of potato chips has few pieces left in it. Try adding the calories now. And if you are health conscious, you might want to skip next couple of meals.

So what should you do? Enjoy these treats once in a while. Never buy any of them when you are very hungry. Chances are you wouldn’t even read the label before finishing them. At that time, you shouldn’t even worry about reading the label. That’s the time to go to gym.


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