I know friends and relatives who are healthy and wealthy. They have healthy children, good circle of friends and they are fairly respectable among others. They have enviable status in the society. But most of the time they are miserable. They reflect, sometimes openly in public, that in their lives something is terribly amiss. They are short-tempered, sad and irritable.

Some of them are good at masking these traits under fake smiles. Men try harder to conceal their true feelings of adversity for fear of being perceived weak.

But what is going on? Why can’t someone, who can afford everything in life, be happy.

Image by: Warren Wong on Unsplash

I believe that the reason is lack of self-enrichment which cultivates into low self-esteem. These people feel that they deserve something more than money and houses and cars. But they can’t exactly pinpoint what it is that they want and deserve. Obviously, it is something that the money can’t buy.

Happiness is a birthright not an entitlement. Just because we have been given this life to live; nobody said happiness would be heaped upon us. We have to explore happiness. We have to dig it out from within. Stay tuned for more blogs.

For every reason for unhappiness in this world, there are at least two reasons for happiness.


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