Start today, before it is too late.

I remember the days when I used to feel that I had to start exercising. But I kept putting it off. I procrastinated forever. I wasn’t alarmingly overweight because the job that I had involved a lot of walking. I was a mail carrier for the Post Office.

But I started gaining weight as soon as I left that job. And I was gaining weight very fast. I think I gained four pounds in about three weeks. I had never gained weight at that rate in my life. I don’t have that same metabolism of thirty years earlier.

So one day I just got up and started walking. I also joined gym. But in first four or five weeks my weight didn’t budge. But good thing it stopped going up. So my strategy was two-way. Exercise and cut down on carbs and sugar intake. Bingo!! It worked. I lost couple of pounds in three weeks. My pants were still slipping down my belly but not as much.

I see that procrastination and laziness are our worst enemies when it comes to exercising. But based on my own experience I can say that it is easier said than done.

People have too many responsibilities. Life has no room for one more activity that requires some discipline, energy and consistency. It is not something that you have to do it for couple of days and shouldn’t worry about it for rest of the year. It must be done regularly. Minimum of four days, for forty five minutes to an hour a day, in a week is ideal.

Image by Jenny Hill on Unsplash
Image by: Jenny Hill on Unsplash

We have jobs, we have families whose demands take priorities over something like exercise that can be put off easily. It is specially tough for parents of young children. Not even to mention the hardship if that parent is single.

But we got to make time for exercise. It is particularly significant if you have a sedentary office job where you spend 6-7 hours or even more sitting in front of a computer. This type of work is downright dangerous for health without a vigorous workout.

So, do something, anything, that can make you walk for thirty minutes. Buy some exercise equipment to use it at home. In addition to making it convenient, that will save the driving time to gym.

Please don’t wait too long because there comes time when it becomes very hard to lose weight. It is easier when it starts creeping up on you. Longer we wait, less motivated we become. Nip this evil in bud.

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