Exercise is more than the physical fitness.

We all want to look good. But looking good goes far beyond the right make up, right hairstyle and proper clothing.

Image by: Reasons Art on Unsplash

You may be wearing a perfectly pressed suit and a very expensive watch. You may be wearing a beautiful dress that enhances all your sculpted curves. But you or the people around you might feel that there is something missing in you. You look sad or angry or stressed out. All the things you did to make yourself attractive and pleasant are failing you miserably. People avoid having a conversation with you. You don’t feel that you are likable. But let me tell you. It is not always your appearance. It is something else that is affecting your appearance.

It is your disposition. Your appearance is only a fraction of  your personal attractiveness. You must have a holistic approach to be who you are. Your general behavior, your thought process and your ability to casually smile are all parts of your personality.

You are probably wondering: what all of this has to do with exercise?

More than you can imagine and far more than I can explain. But I will try.

Your self esteem is directly related to your likability. Your self confidence is directly related to respectability. Positive outlook towards life is vital for success. And exercising regularly can contribute to all these personality traits.

Exercise makes you physically healthier. You lose excessive fat off your belly and other parts of your body. The benefits of exercising regularly improves your moods because you feel so relaxed after a vigorous workout. You feel energetic all day long. Even if you don’t need to lose weight, your blood pressure is normal, your sugar is normal and you sleep well, you still should exercise. It is important because as we grow older our bodies become weaker. The only way we can maintain strength is if we stay active beyond our daily routine involving our jobs and household chores.

“I just don’t have time,” is the most common reason given by people for not exercising. But I believe we can spare 30-45 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week. After all good health is not only about eating right and looking fit; it is also about feeling good and being happy. Let’s be always healthy and happy.

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