What is for dinner tonight?

This is a question all of us face every day. It is a simple question. But the answer may not be easy.

The decision is already made for the most because they come home to a cooked meal. But then there are others who are not so lucky. After a grueling day at work they have to come home and cook either for themselves or for the children and the rest of the family. But other than the cooking part there is something else. Exactly “what am I going to eat?”

If you are too tired to cook, fast food industry has made things very easy for you. Precooked, frozen entrees and snack industry has made things even easier for you. Just zap something in the microwave and gulp it down  with a soft drink.

But those choices are not necessarily healthy. “I couldn’t care less tonight,” you tell yourself. So if it is not a matter of routine, it is OK. But be very careful. Do not make it a habit. Once a month or may be twice a month, at the most, you can loosen up and let yourself slide that way.

If you had something heavy for lunch, you may not want to eat too much before you hit the sack. For the health-conscious or the weight-conscious this is even more important. If you had a double  cheese burger with fries and soda followed by a slice of cheese cake for lunch, you might want to skip the dinner altogether.

Eating heavily calories-loaded foods once in a while may not harm you irreparably but being aware is necessary. If you are aware how, whatever you put in your mouth is going to effect you, you would be all right.

Walking around the block after dinner is always a good idea.


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