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Exercise is extremely important for maintaining good health, even if it not the only thing. It is great if you don’t have to lose weight. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise. You still have to do it to keep your muscle strength and heart health. The exercise improves the blood circulation to your vital organs and to your extremities. And if your body tends to gain some weight due to inactivity, it is a good way to avoid that. Remember, losing weight is much harder than not gaining it.

There are several types of exercises such as jogging, walking, rope jumping and yoga. It also depends on your life style and age as to what kind of exercise is more suitable for you. Your weight loss could be directly related to the type of activity you get involved in.

Once again eating well is the best but exercise has its own significance.


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  1. I’ve been exercising for the last 40 years. It has supported my physical and mental well being. It provides me the lifestyle I CHOOSE to live.

    People need to stop looking at exercise as a “recreational” event and start viewing it as an ESSENTIAL part of life. It will dramatically improve their quality of life.

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